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About us

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Compliance Advisory Group

The Compliance Advisory Group was founded by three highly qualified experts with more than 25 years of experience in a multinational company considered a world leader in the food industry. Their objective is to capitalize on this expertise concretely and durably, to support the national and international companies that aspire to meet the markets' highly stringent requirements, especially concerning conformity to the Quality Standards and Regulations. Passionate about compliance, innovation and dynamism, our main objective is to help companies adapt to international standards and become leaders in their respective industries. Passionate about compliance, innovation and dynamism, our main objective is to help companies adapt to international standards and become leaders in their respective industries.

Consultant network
What we do

Support, Advice and Training

Regulatory Compliance of Products

Food Quality and Safety

Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Preferences

Assistance in the supply of raw materials

Operational efficiency and continuous improvement

Our vision

To be the preferred consulting firm for manufacturers in the food sector.

Our mission

To support industrialists in their innovation, development, and industrialization projects and to ensure that their products and processes comply with national and international standards.

Our values

Our values are integrity, trust and flexibility

Our goal

To make a significant contribution to the industrialization of the MENA Region and the African continent

Our understanding of business management, processes and regulations enables our partners to achieve high levels of performance through training and coaching of their staff, support for the development of products perfectly aligned with local and international regulations, recommendations for efficient operational processes and adapted business models. Whatever the challenge, CAG is committed to delivering quality results and providing its clients with the necessary tools for their development.

By combining our expertise and know-how, we offer our clients consulting services not only at the operational level but also at the level of the entire value chain. Our experts have built powerful expertise and can help you improve your practices and achieve your long-term goals. Our expert knowledge and work methodology will adapt to your needs. Our mission is primarily focused on regulatory compliance, product approval and registration, early warning and regulatory intelligence, quality management system, quality certification, crisis management, process audits, and supplier approval for responsible and sustainable sourcing.

Our team

Mme Hayet Ben Saber

Co-Founder Managing Director

Managing Director and Consultant in Finance, Audit and Procurement, is a graduate of “Hautes Etudes Commerciales”, Carthage Tunis and holds an EMBA (Mediterranean School of Business, South Mediterranean University, Tunisia). She has international experience and is recognized for her leadership, business orientation and ability to transform the organization in terms of compliance and strengthening the internal control system. She has held various key positions of regional responsibility and co-leadership (Maghreb, MENA) and was a member of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee of operating companies in the Maghreb region.

Mr. Abdellah NECHBAOUI

Co-founder consultant

Mr Abdellah NECHBAOUI, Co-founder and Consultant in Quality and Food Safety Management System, is a laureate of IAV Hassan II in Food Technology and Quality Management from IFG. He has a vast knowledge of quality, food safety, product control, compliance, problem-solving and continuous improvement, thanks to more than 25 years of experience. He has held various operational positions and has been instrumental in the implementation and success of multiple projects throughout his career.

Mr. Noureddine Kssili

Co-founder consultant

Mr. Noureddine Kssili, Co-Founder and Consultant in Regulatory Affairs. He has an international academic background in agronomy and food industry and a strong background in food regulatory compliance.

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