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Helping SME/SMI in the food sector to develop their business in the MENA region and the African continent.

Why choose us?

A true partnership

At CAG, our collaboration is based on commitment and mutual trust to achieve your short-, medium- and long-term objectives.


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    What we do

    Coaching, Consulting, Guiding and Training on:

    Regulatory Compliance

    Quality and Food Safety

    Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Preferences

    Guidance for the supply of raw materials

    Operational efficiency and continuous improvement

    Who are we?

    Founded in 2018, CAG is a consulting company specialized in the agrifood business, strongly supported with a network of highly qualified consultants in different areas of expertise.

    The main achievements of CAG are marked by :

    Accompanying industrial groups in the launch of new businesses and the implementation of food safety standards,

    Training and implementing Sensory Evaluation panels,

    Training, coaching, and setting up of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs structures,

    Studies, analyses, evaluations, and recommendations on scientific and regulatory matters in the context of new product launches,

    Financial studies conducted for companies within the framework of the OXYGENE initiative,

    Partnership with companies and expertise offices in other regions of the world,

    In addition, and during the COVID 19 outbreak, CAG was first in publishing a guidance explaining the sanitary measures to be respected in the food industry.

    This guide was distributed to food companies through our partners FENAGRI and FOOD MAGAZINE

    Our vision

    To be the preferred consulting firm for manufacturers in the food sector.

    Our mission

    To support industrialists in their innovation, development, and industrialization projects and to ensure that their products and processes comply with national and international standards.

    Our values

    Our values are based on integrity, trust, and flexibility.

    Our objectif

    To make a significant contribution to the industrialization of the MENA Region and the African continent.



    Action plan

    They trust us